Considerations before Homeschooling your children

This pandemic is an important lesson for everyone. We have been forced to isolate ourselves for a long time at home. So, it’s natural that we start thinking about what we can do at home.

Work from home? Check.

Vacation at the hotel? Check.

What about education? More and more parents swear with homeschooling. There are 2.5 million homeschooled children in the US. Homeschooling also shows extraordinary achievements in removing racial gaps associated with academic progress. In addition, if you want your children to achieve high and utilize their full potential, education in schools can be a way as a score of homeschoolers an average of 15% to 30% higher than other children.

If you want to give homeschooling, you have to think carefully to prepare your home. Indeed, like working from home needing a home office, learning from home needs classrooms and school routines. Here are some tips for starting!

Consider your furniture set

Typical tables in room settings will not fulfil all classroom requirements at home. If your child will learn full time from home, you need to prepare more storage space for important school furniture, starting from books to toys and equipment they should have at school. Strangely, you will find that small preschool cubbies can be an excellent organization unit. Don’t let the name fool you. This can attend your children’s education for years. First, they can be used to store toys. Then, you can use a different unit for each school subject, for example.

Lunch box or homecooked lunch?

The truth is you can do both. Many parents take advantage of the opportunity to cook with children at lunch, which is a great way to teach them everyday life skills.

Homeschooling children

You can choose simple food, such as omelette, easily cooked for small children. Or you can choose ingredients that can be prepared first and let your child choose your own menu, such as the canteen buffet! For example, Scotch eggs are always a winner, along with simple salads and some wrestling bread. The idea is to gradually teach your child how to prepare their own food, which is something too much of them never studied.

Extracurricular activities matter too

On average, Homeschool children are involved in more than 5 extra school activities more than other children. Extracurricular activities play an important role in their personal development as individuals: they can build social skills, resistance, creativity, strength and discipline.

So, if you have decided to homeschool your children, you also need to provide space for more. The news is good: this activity does not need to destroy the bank. You can encourage them to start their own vegetable garden in the backyard. Maybe they want to join the volleyball club. Apart from their interest, leaving storage space for all relevant items in their home classrooms. Extracurricular activities are also part of their education!

Homeschooling can be the best thing you do for your children. Contrary to general belief, Homeschool children do not lack in school or in the community. Otherwise! They get a unique opportunity to simultaneously develop their social life, every day, and their academic skills to become an individual who is knowledgeable!