Why do the doctors do that

I recently went to the doctor to get my test results. I had an echocardiogram, a carotid ultrasound, a stress test and had to wear a heart monitor made. So getting the results were easy. At the heart clinic, I’m going to use my painting, which means that I have seen most of the results before my appointment.

Last year, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure with an ejection fraction of 40 to 50%. This time around my ejection fraction is up to 60%, which is great. This does not mean more than CHF because once diagnosed, you will always have it. This means that I improve and maybe I’m five years old if I’m lucky, they gave me life last year. So I thought awesome!

The doctor said everything was good. He added magnesium to my medications and changed my heart medicine at a stronger dose. It was something I was expecting because it happens almost always. Then came the rest of the news.


The doctor stated that the only problem he saw was with the heart monitor. He said there were things that had things he needed to look to understand. I had a heart rate of 195 while I slept once and I had some failed heartbeats. There were even more. When we combined this with my symptoms of a strange thoracic pain occasionally, daily fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath it was concerned.

This means that I need a catheterization so that it can really look at my heart with it is in action. For those who do not know that it means that the doctor puts a very small hollow tube, flexible and hollow in a blood vessel in my groin, my arm or my neck. Then he discharges it in the blood vessel in the aorta and in the heart. Once the catheter is in place, several tests can be done.

It sounds pretty simple. This is a procedure of six to ten hours because you must remain motionless for four or five hours after its end, to allow your hugging blood and the incision site to close properly. Otherwise, you can bleed to death. My father had his arm attached during one and sandbags on his leg for another.

My doctor said if he noticed a hoof and I needed a stent, he would do it and not as a separate procedure. Thank goodness for that. The procedure is simply waiting for the test date makes me crazy.


When I left the office the other day, they were busy. The nurse said they would call with the appointment. So now, I wait to know when I have the procedure. This is the worst part of everything. Waiting for test results, waiting for the procedure. The wait drives me nuts. It was not long enough to call the office and ask as much as I do not want to irritate but dang. What concerns the offices and hospitals of doctors doing this? I know they are busy and my stuff is not as important to them, but because I do not know when the test will happen, my anxiety is through the roof. I wonder about everything that could be wrong.