The best way to preserve your most beautiful memories

It’s no secret that preserving your beautiful memories is an important part of life. They give you a sense of identity and help you connect with the people around you. Whether it’s a physical object or only a written account, this memory is valuable and must be treated like that. So, how can you preserve your memory? Here are seven ideas to start:


Writing by itself is a catharsis experience, and allows you to revive your beautiful memories when you write about them. You can also track other important dates and details that surround the memory. Not to mention, you can look back on your journal for years later and be transported back to that time!

Of course, you don’t need to hold on to the journal – you can also use a blog, social media platform, or even only a word document on your computer. What’s important is that you catch your most beautiful memories in writing; It will make them special.


A keepsake is a physical object that reminds you of certain beautiful memories. This can be anything from jewellery to a ticket piece. Save items that have sentimental values ​​for you, and put them in a box or jar. This is a great way to revive your beautiful memories quickly and easily.

most beautiful memories

Unlike other ideas in this list, keepsakes do not have to be creative. They can only become everyday items that you have a tube for sentimental reasons. However, you can also be creative with your recalls and turn them into an art project, such as a memory board or collage.


If you are a cunning type, scrapbooking is the perfect way to preserve your beautiful memories! You can decorate your page but you want and insert photos, tickets, or other recalls. The sky is the limit when it comes to scrapbooking, so have fun with him!

Scrapbooks are very good because they are interactive – you can flip the page and revive your memory. Plus, they make a great conversation when you have guests.


Images are another good way to preserve beautiful memories. They can help you remember what happened clearly, and they also made great remains. If you are not many photographers, don’t worry – even just taking pictures with your phone will do it.

The best part about capturing beautiful memories in silent photos is you can have real moulds. You can hang it in your home or office or put it in a photo album. Or, you can go further and use a special photo canvas printing service to blow up your favourite photos and hang them on your wall.


If you are not many writers or photographers, audio or video may be better. Recording your memory in an audio or video format can be a great way to capture emotions and details about memory.

All you need is just a telephone, laptop, or camcorder, and you’re fine! You can even edit your recording to add music or other effects. This is a great way to share your beautiful memories with friends and family or even just have themselves.


This is a great way to physically store your beautiful memories and keep them regularly. You can use the old shoebox or buy a cute box from the craft shop. Decorate the outside of the box but you want, and then start filling it with an item that represents your memory. This can be anything from movie tickets to letters and cards.

Let your sentimental side take over and fill the box with things that make you happy – it will be a great reminder of all the beautiful memories you make. In addition, it is always fun to have a physical manifestation of your memory, not just a picture or writing.


One of the best ways to preserve your beautiful memories is just by telling your story. This can be friends, family, or even blog audiences. The more you talk about your beautiful memories, the more they will stay alive in your mind.

Not only does telling stories help you remember your memory, but it can also be fun for your friends and family. They can hear about all the great things you have done, and you can revive your memory again. It’s a win-win!

No matter how you choose to preserve your memory, most importantly you really do it! beautiful memories are some of the most valued things in life, so don’t let them fade. Use one of these seven ideas to start and become creative. After you preserve your memory, come out and make a new one!