Organic tampons are a significant change from the use of regular menstrual bearings. With a tampon, you don’t need to worry anymore about allergies and rashes.

Although there are other options available that replace the pads, such as menstrual cups, with more than 34.1 million women using tampons in 2020 in the US, it is the most widely used product for feminine cleanliness.

Organic tampons with applicators are developed with 100% organic cotton and other non-organic and synthetic materials. They are usually unnatural and are therefore good for women with sensitive skin.

With everything that runs environmentally friendly around us, feminine menstrual products such as tampons also follow. Organic tampons may be new on the market but have received a lot of attention from women throughout the world.

So, if you go green, here are some instructions for checking before buying one for yourself.

Ease of Use

The applicator is specifically designed to make Live RTP your menstrual day easy. If you are new to the world of tampons, then using applicators can be a wise decision. They help you enter tampons with one single push.

The use of applicators has always been a personal choice. Therefore, look for organic tampons with applicators that help you enter them easily.

organic tampons

Use of Biodegradable Products

At present, many organic tampons come with or without an applicator. Organic tampons are made of organic cotton and are free of insecticides and pesticides.

In addition, organic tampons are even free of the use of synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances. So, organic cotton tampons with applicators must also be sustainable, renewable, or biodegradable materials.

Plant-Based Plastic Applicators

At present, many brands of organic tampons claim to produce them as ‘plant-based plastic applicators.’ These companies declare themselves to use biodegradable products, but in fact, their affirmations can be very misleading.

Therefore, plant-based applicators may not always mean being a sustainable choice. They tend to do the same damage to the environment as regular plastic.

Thus, conduct appropriate research before buying the best organic tampon with an applicator. Some brands even use cartons to make applicators because they are composted and can be recycled.

BPA-Free Applicators

BPA can affect your hormones by the disaster. These chemicals are produced while producing plastic and have been shown to cause cancer and other hormonal imbalances.

Therefore, when shopping for organic tampons with plastic applicators, it is very important to check what is in the product.

That is, do not stop at organic tampons, but go beyond and re-examine whether the free applicator is BPA.

Comfort and Less Messy

Applicators must make your menstruation less messy and offer maximum comfort. The cardboard applicator can be complicated because of its composition and is bulkier than plastic.

Therefore, look for applicators that provide the same comfort as plastic or nylon applicators.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner and think about how to use a tampon with a plastic applicator? Using applicators is a great way to make it easier for your menstruation.

It helps you get used to the application of tampons and get used to new ways about this menstrual hygiene.

However, it is very important to know what enters the packaging to ensure the actual organic nature of the tampon and applicator.

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