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Flying Machine Art in Ice Breaking mode

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Blitzkrieg art for Bovington Museum

These arts were commissioned for their new awesome Lottery funded hall, the main art measures 6 meters wide and high!

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Illustration Annual of Communication Arts

Once again team DDB, UTC and Flying machine art have had a great honour come our way! Communication Arts is a showcase for advertising, art, graphic design and photography and we are in it! Congratulations to all!

UTC award winning cutaway adverts wrap

Here are some pics of the wrap positioned on 5th and Broadway in Manhattan! One of the biggest ad's EVER!Read More

UTC award winning cutaway adverts underground station

Liverpool Street underground Station after DDB had finished with it!Read More

Phaeton Group

We at Flying Machine are part of an amazing group of specialists that..... click here to explore the Phaeton Group site.

Star Wars Art for Sale

Please fill out the contact Flyingmachine form for the up to-date sale list.